Soundpipe Modules

adsr ADSR generator
autowah Automatic wah pedal
bigverb Reverberation algorithm.
biscale Bipolar Scale
bitcrush Digital signal degradation
blsaw Bandlimited sawtooth oscillator
blsquare Bandlimited square oscillator
bltriangle Bandlimited triangle oscillator
brown Brownian noise generator.
butbp Bandpass Butterworth filter
butbr Band-reject Butterworth filter
buthp Highpass Butterworth filter
butlp Lowpass Butterworth filter
clamp Performs a clamp operation on an input signal.
clock Resettable clock with subdivisions
compressor Compressor
count Trigger-based fixed counter
crossfade Crossfade two signals.
dcblocker A simple DC block filter
delay Adds a delay to an incoming signal with optional feedback.
diode Diode-ladder virtual analogue low-pass filter
dmetro Delta Metro
dtrig Delta trigger
expon Produce a line segment with exponential slope
fmpair FM oscilator pair with linear interpolation
foo A short title describing the module
gen_padsynth An implementation of the Padsynth Algorithm by Paul Nasca.
gen_rand Generates a user defined random number distribution.
gen_scrambler Scrambles phase of ftable.
gen_sine generates a sampled sinusoid
gen_triangle generates a sampled triangle wave
in Reads from standard input.
incr Trigger-based Incrementor
jcrev John Chowning reverberator
line Produce a line segment with linear slope
lpc A linear predictive coding filter.
maygate A randomly open or closed "maybe gate"
metro Metronome
noise White noise generator
nsmp Nanosamp: a tiny sampler built for Soundpipe
osc Table-lookup oscilator with linear interpolation
oscmorph Wavetable morphing oscillator
paulstretch An extreme time-stretching algorithm by Paul Nasca Octavian
peakeq 2nd order tunable equalization filter
peaklim Peak limiter
phaser A stereo phaser
phasor Normalized sawtooth wave from 0 to 1
pinknoise Pink pinknoise generator
prop Simple rhythmic notation gate generator
pshift Time-domain pitch shifter.
randh Random number generator with hold time.
random Random values within a range
reverse Signal reverser
rpt Trigger based beat-repeat stuttering effect
samphold Classic sample and hold
saturator Soft clip saturating distortion, based on examples from Abel/Berners' Music 424 ...
scale Bipolar Scale
sdelay Delays a signal by a number of samples.
slice Yet another slice-based sample player.
smoothdelay Smooth variable delay line without varispeed pitch.
smoother Smootheramento-style control signal smoothing
spa Stream a Soundpipe Audio File
sparec Writes signal to spa file.
switch Switch between two signals
tadsr Triggerable classic ADSR envelope
talkbox A high resolution vocoder.
tblrec Record a signal to an ftable.
tdiv Trigger divider.
tenv Trigger based linear AHD envelope generator
tenv2 Linear 2-stage Attack/Release envelope generator
tenvx Trigger based exponential AHD envelope generator.
tgate A triggerable gate.
thresh Trigger generator for signals that cross a given threshold.
timer Tap-tempo like timer
tin Similar to in, tin reads SPFLOATs (by default, this is a 4 byte binary float) fr ...
trand Triggered random number generator.
tseg This module creates a series of line segments.
tseq Function table looper
voc A vocal tract physical model.
vocoder 16-band channel vocoder
wavin Reads a mono WAV file.
wavout Writes a mono signal to a WAV file.
wpkorg35 Analogue model of the Korg 35 Lowpass Filter
zitarev 8 FDN stereo zitareverb algorithm, imported from Faust.