Files: dmetro.h, dmetro.c

Delta Metro
Produce a set of triggers spaced apart by time.
An implementation note: while dmetro does indeed use sample precision, it will intentionally add 1 sample to the duration time as a way to avoid divide-by-zero errors. A dmetro of one second will really be one second and 1 sample. For most musical purposes, this is negligible. For more scientific purposes, this could cause problems, and it is recommended to find or build another module.


sp_dmetro_create(sp_dmetro **dmetro)
sp_dmetro_init(sp_data *sp, sp_dmetro *dmetro)
sp_dmetro_compute(sp_data *sp, sp_dmetro *dmetro, SPFLOAT *out)
sp_dmetro_destroy(sp_dmetro **dmetro)

Optional Parameters

time: Time between triggers (in seconds). This will update at the start of each trigger.
(Default value: 1)


out: Trigger output.