Files: talkbox.h, talkbox.c

A high resolution vocoder. This is the talkbox plugin ported from the MDA plugin suite. In many ways, this Talkbox functions like a vocoder: it takes in a source signal (usually speech), which then excites an excitation signal (usually a harmonically rich signal like a saw wave). This particular algorithm uses linear-predictive coding (LPC), making speech intelligibility better than most vocoder implementations.


sp_talkbox_create(sp_talkbox **talkbox)
sp_talkbox_init(sp_data *sp, sp_talkbox *talkbox)
sp_talkbox_compute(sp_data *sp, sp_talkbox *talkbox, SPFLOAT *source, SPFLOAT *excitation, SPFLOAT *out)
sp_talkbox_destroy(sp_talkbox **talkbox)

Optional Parameters

quality: Quality of the talkbox sound. 0=lowest fidelity. 1=highest fidelity
(Default value: 1)


source: Input signal that shapes the excitation. Also known as the modulator.
excitation: The signal to be excited. Also known as the carrier.


out: Talkbox signal output.