Files: phasor.h, phasor.c

Normalized sawtooth wave from 0 to 1
Phasors are often used when building table-lookup oscillators.


sp_phasor_create(sp_phasor **phasor)
sp_phasor_init(sp_data *sp, sp_phasor *phasor, SPFLOAT iphs)
sp_phasor_compute(sp_data *sp, sp_phasor *phasor, SPFLOAT *dummy, SPFLOAT *out)
sp_phasor_destroy(sp_phasor **phasor)

Mandatory Parameters

iphs: initial phase
(Recommended value: 0)

Optional Parameters

freq: Frequency.
(Default value: 1.5)


out: Signal output.

Other Functions:

sp_phasor_reset(sp_data *sp, sp_phasor *phasor, SPFLOAT value)
resets the phase to a value.
value: value to reset to.
(Suggested default: 0)