Files: peakeq.h, peakeq.c

2nd order tunable equalization filter
This provides a peak/notch filter for building parametric/graphic equalizers. With gain above 1, there will be a peak at the center frequency with a width dependent on bw. If gain is less than 1, a notch is formed around the center frequency (freq).


sp_peakeq_create(sp_peakeq **peakeq)
sp_peakeq_init(sp_data *sp, sp_peakeq *peakeq)
sp_peakeq_compute(sp_data *sp, sp_peakeq *peakeq, SPFLOAT *input, SPFLOAT *output)
sp_peakeq_destroy(sp_peakeq **peakeq)

Optional Parameters

freq: The center frequency of the filter
(Default value: 1000)
bw: The peak/notch bandwidth in Hertz
(Default value: 125)
gain: The peak/notch gain
(Default value: 2)


input: Signal input.


output: Signal output.