sndkit: A wiki of DSP algorithm implementations, written using a literate programming style.

WeeWiki: A small wiki engine.

Worgle: A fast and portable tangler for programs written in org.

EyeJam (2017): an Eye-Controlled Music Composition and Performance environment

libline (2017): a library for generating audio-rate line segments.

Voc (2017): A vocal tract physical model.

Spigot (2017): Simple graphical user interfaces for Sporth.

The Sporth Cookbook (2017): Forever unfinished book on sound design in Sporth.

Orb (2017): Musical 2d Puzzle Game for Android.

The Contrenot (2016): Arco-bass inspired musical interface

Runt (2016): Stack-based VM and language.

Protrekkr (2016): music tracker, hacked to use Sporth. Abandoned project for now.

LSYS (2016): Microlanguage for describing L-Systems.

Brian (2016): Generative Music Twitter Bot.

Polysporth (2016): Scheme-based polyphony + event interface for Sporth

Chorth (2015): Sporth implemented as a Chuck UGen

Moons (2015): Circle sequencer written in OpenGL.

Kubus (2015): Music visualizer written in OpenGL.

Ethersurface (2014): Multi-touch playing surface for Android.

Prop (2014): Proportion-based rhythmic notation microlanguage.

NRT (2014): Music notation microlanguage based on ABC and Lilypond.

PixelPi (2014): Realtime image sonification and webcam installation, powered by a raspberry pi.

Bubble (2013): Networked raspberry-pi and monome powered interactive device.