sqlar is an experimental archive format written on top of SQLite. Internally, it is contained inside of a single SQLite table and stores data as blobs. Compression is possible using zlibs inflate/deflate commands.

The main implementation of SQLar features a commandline interface called sqlar, as well as a program called sqlarfs, which allows a sqlar file to be mounted as a read-only filesystem via FUSE.

Programs Using SQLar

fossil has the ability to export SQLar archives.

The weewiki server can be configured to serve files from a SQLar file, assuming it is bundled with the generated weewiki database. Weewiki also has an interface called crate which connects SQLar to zet, the weewiki zettelkasten.

The monolith computer music system has a copy of the SQLar utilities included with the distribution. It also has some custom tools that allow WAV files to be loaded from a SQLar file. More information can be found on the monolith wiki

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