Crate is an interface that is part of weewiki that connects SQLite archives to the weewiki zettelkasten.

The main goal of Crate is for use in sample curation. The idea is to build up a centralized database of samples than can annotated and journaled at a granular level with the zet, and on a more macro scale using the wiki.

In the Crate, every filename gets a unique UUID, which ideally programs like monolith could use to load files instead of filenames themselves. In this sense, Crate adds an abstraction on top of the file hierarchy. The hope hope for this is to encourage more cross polination between individual sample collections, as well as to create flexible file organization schemes that better meet the demands of the projects where they are used.

The woven program output for Crate can be found online via the loom.

keywords: crate samples sqlar weewikisqlite curation zet zettelkasten

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