osc is a table-lookup oscillator.

fmpair is a table-lookup FM oscillator.

rline is a random line segment generator.

peakeq is a peaking equalizer filter.

bigverb is a digital reverb algorithm.

dcblocker is a DC Blocking filter.

vardelay is a variable delay line.

phasewarp is a filter for warping a phasor signal.

modalres is a resonator filter.

bitnoise is a 1-bit noise generator.

valp1 is a virtual-analog 1-pole lowpass filter.

chaosnoise is a chaotic noise generator.

oscf is a table-lookup oscillator with floating point precision.

bezier applies a bezier curve transformation to a normalized ramp signal.

expmap applies an exponential curve transformation to an normalized ramp signal.

phsclk converts a phasor signal into a clock signal.

phasor generates normalized periodic ramp signal.

swell is a smoothing filter for control signals whose smoothing amount changes based on the direction.

biramp converts a phasor ramp signal into a ramp that goes up and down.

scale provides some simple scaling utilities.

rephasor resynthesizes a phasor signal with a slightly different scaling amount.

smoother is a one-pole smoothing filter.

metro produces single-sample impulses at a regular rate.

expon is a re-triggerable exponential line generator.

chorus implements a classic chorusing effect.

bitosc is a 1-bit stateless oscillator.

env is a triggerable attack, hold, release envelope generator.

glottis implements an analytically derived Liljencrants-Fant (LF) model of the human glottis, suitable for vocal synthesis techniques such as tract.

tract is a simple physical model of the vocal tract, should be used with glottis.

blep is a set of bandlimited oscillators generated using the polyBLEP method.

vowel is a vowel filter.

vowshape is a set of functions useful for sculpting tract.

clkphs converts a clock signal into a phasor signal.

butterworth is a collection of 2nd-order butterworth filters.

gen is a collection of table generators.

sparse is a sparse noise generator.

softclip applies soft clipping to a signal with drive control via a tanh approximation.

tseq is a basic triggerable sequencer.

adsr is an ADSR generator that uses a one-pole lowpass filter.

tgate is a triggerable gate generator.

dblin converts dB to linear.

trand triggerable random number generator.

crossfade implements a few different types of crossfading.

tsmp is a simple one-shot triggerable in-memory sampler.

qgliss is a phasor-clocked sample-and-hold quantizer with parametric glissando-like interpolation.

tdiv is a clock divider.

shelf implements 2-pole shelving filters.

lpf implements a 2-pole resonant low-pass filter.

envar is a gate-controlled envelope generator whose shape is determined using attack and release parameters.

euclid is a euclidean rhythm generator.

gtick converts a gate signal into a tick signal.