Note from the Author

This document is the playground used to build the breathing card known as Waigel. It has been extracted from my private repo managing the breathing cards etudes. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license.

To render this document, this document (written in org) would be Tangled using worgle to produce a scheme and janet file. From there, the generated files would be processed by monolith to produce a WAV file and h264. The WAV would be converted to mp3 via lame, and then the mp3 and h264 would be stitched together into an mp4 via ffmpeg.

The whole system is automated using a mildly over-engineered Makefile system (not included).

Preset data for the trig and line16 pages are stored in SQLite format, the dump of which can be found below:

PRAGMA foreign_keys=OFF;
CREATE TABLE line16(key TEXT UNIQUE, lines BLOB, map BLOB, durmin FLOAT, durmax FLOAT, selpt INT, selln INT, rate FLOAT);
INSERT INTO line16 VALUES('waigel:curves',X'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',NULL,0.10000000149011611938,10.0,6,0,1.0);
CREATE TABLE trig(key TEXT UNIQUE, pool BLOB, startpos INT);
INSERT INTO trig VALUES('waigel:trigs',X'9693cc00ce00120101ce0000445193cc01ce00010002ce0000001593cc02ce00120101ce0001f55593cc03ce00000002ce0000000293cc04ce00120101ce0001500193cc05ce00000002ce00000002',0);


To run, eval this block.


Run monolith:start

Then init.


run or ctrl-space should get it going.


[2020-09-10 Thu 09:38] hey you guys!

[2020-09-16 Wed 10:09] etude scope

Here is what I'm thinking about:

graphics: fractal brownian motion, controlled with sound gestures

sound: chaosnoise, built around the initial test patch

pages: line16, knobs (hopefully using an interface to make scaling/saving easier)

[2020-10-03 Sat 14:23] initial fbm import

based on example fbm code in monolith.

added some initial time-based domain warpaing based on BOS example. It's complete. Just gotta implement r.

[2020-10-04 Sun 17:16] initial sound import

[2020-10-04 Sun 17:27] more fbm warping

finish up book of shaders transformation

[2020-10-06 Tue 09:59] add an initial color stripe

My thinking is to try to add an off-center vertical color (deep red?) bar that filters the region of pixels to be 1-bit atkinson dither.

[2020-10-09 Fri 10:46] layering in FM drone

[2020-10-09 Fri 10:53] quickly decoupling reverb

doing it the quick way first, then the less quick betterer way later.

[2020-10-16 Fri 10:20] add line16 page

it modulates the fmdrone in the sound domain, and it changes the speed of the FBM in the visual domain.

[2020-10-16 Fri 11:00] glitches modulate fbm

going to lower the octaves whenever it flips on

[2020-10-17 Sat 09:08] trig is added! and thumbnail

trig now modulates the glitches. it's a little ditty in 9/8.


Top Synth

(define REG-CURVE 0)
(define (waigel usejanet)
  (trigs-clockit (lambda () (clk-get)))
  (add zz zz)
  (monset (the-curve) (param REG-CURVE))

initial static sounds

from a runt sketch I wrote a while back demonstrating crackle.

(define REG-GATE 1)
(define (static-sound-maygate)
(rvl "
10.1 metro 0.1 0 maygate
(define (static-sound-tgates)
  (trigs-wire 1)
  (mul zz zz)
  (tgate zz (trand (clk-get) 0.005 0.04))

  ;; add some pauses
  ;; 9/8 sorta vibes
  (tdiv (clk-get) 18 0)
  (maygate zz 0.3 0)
  (mul zz zz)

(define (static-sound)
(rvl "
0.9 1.3 0.512 randi
40 45 0.5 randi")
(monset zz REG-GATE)
(rvl "
9000 mul add
60 60 3 eqfil


using fmdrone fragment.

The brightness amount could potentially be something modulated by something sequenced in line16?

(define (drone)
     (paramf 20)
     (lambda () (scale (the-curve) 1.1 4)))
    (mul zz (ampdb -15)))

reverbing + eq

For now just slap a reverb + EQ on it all. This has been quickly extracted from the static-sound code.

More sophisticated sends will come later.

(define (slap-on-reverb)
bdup bdup 0.93 8000 revsc bdrop -10 ampdb mul
4000 2000 4 eqfil

the clock

clocks trig, and is used to control static bursts.

(define REG-CLK 2)
(define (clk-setup)
  (metro (randi 10 20.1 0.5))
  (bhold zz)
  (cabset zz REG-CLK))

(define (clk-get)
  (cabget REG-CLK))

(define (clk-bye)
  (bunhold (clk-get)))


create pages

This is the thing that creates all pages.

(define (create-pages)

curves (line16)

(define line16-name "curves")

(monolith:line16-new line16-name)

select the page with select-curves.

(define (select-curves) (monolith:page-select line16-name))

The main curve can be retrived with the-curve

(define (the-curve) (line16line line16-name))

go-curve must be called before using it.

(define (go-curve) (line16 0 line16-name))


via the trig page.

(define trig-name "trigs")

create the page here.

(monolith:trig-new trig-name)

select with select-trigs

(define (select-trigs) (monolith:page-select trig-name))

Initialize the trig clock with trigs-clockit. This will also call trigex.

(define (trigs-clockit trg)
    (trigclk (trg) trig-name)
    (trigex trig-name))

Read from a wire.

(define (trigs-wire n)
    (trigwget n trig-name))

reset position

(define (trigs-reset) (monolith:trig-reset trig-name))


Talk about graphics here!

Render Block

(var tick 0)
(defn render-block ()
  (monolith/chan-set 0 tick)
  (bc/mkframe draw-frame framepos)
  (if (= tick 1) (set tick 0) (set tick 1))
  (set framepos (+ framepos 1))

  # get speed amount stored in channel 0
  # normalized 0-1, so scale it
  (var speed (+ 1 (* 5 (monolith/chan-get reg-curve))))
  (def speed2 (+ 0.4 (* 7 (- 1 (monolith/chan-get reg-curve)))))
  (set timeline (+ timeline speed))
  (set warp (+ warp speed2)))

Main Shtuff

I need to break it up.

(var line-ypos 23)
(var line-xpos 48)
(var fps 60)

(var sqr-pos 23)
(var framepos 0)
(def reg-gate 1)
(def reg-curve 0)

# kind of like framepos, only warped by monolith
# used to control fbm
(var timeline 0)

# warp is another thing controlled by monolith
(var warp 0)

(defn gfx-init ()

(defn hline (c y)
  (for x 0 128
    (monolith/gfx-pixel-set x y (c 0) (c 1) (c 2) 255)))

(defn vline (c x)
  (for y 0 64
    (monolith/gfx-pixel-set x y (c 0) (c 1) (c 2) 255)))

(defn fill (c) (for y 0 64 (hline c y)))

(defn sqr (pos clr)
   (* (% pos 16) 8)  (* (math/floor (/ pos 16)) 8)
   8 8
   (clr 0)
   (clr 1)
   (clr 2)))


(defn draw-frame ()
  #(fill gun-metal)
  #(sqr sqr-pos safety-orange)


(defn test-frame ()
  (monolith/gfx-write-png "out.png"))


main fbm callback. boilerplate fbm with global time component.

(defn colorlerp [c1 c2 a]
   (+ (* a (c2 0)) (* (- 1 a) (c1 0)))
   (+ (* a (c2 1)) (* (- 1 a) (c1 1)))
   (+ (* a (c2 2)) (* (- 1 a) (c1 2)))))

(def white @(255 255 255))
(def black @(0 0 0))

(defn color [x y c]
     x y
     (math/floor (c 0))
     (math/floor (c 1))
     (math/floor (c 2)) 255))

(defn fbm []
  (var height (monolith/gfx-height))
  (var width (monolith/gfx-width))
  (def gate (monolith/chan-get reg-gate))
  (def noctaves (math/floor (- 5 (* gate 3))))
  (def wrp (/ warp bc/fps))

  (for ypos 0 height
    (for xpos 0 width
      (var x (/ xpos width))
      (var y (/ ypos height))
      (set x (* x (/ width height)))

      (set y (* y 4))
      (set x (* x 4))

      #(var fa (monolith/fbm x y noctaves))

      ## add some time based motion
      #(set fa (math/sin (* 5 fa (/ framepos bc/fps))))

      #(var fb (monolith/fbm (+ x fa) (+ y fa) noctaves))

      # TODO: can this be moved out of loop?
      (var ut (/ timeline bc/fps))

      (var qx (monolith/fbm (+ x ut) (+ y ut) noctaves))
      (var qy (monolith/fbm (+ x 2) (+ y 1) noctaves))

      (var rx
            (+ x qx 1.7 (* 0.15 ut))
            (+ y qy 9.2 (* 0.15 ut))
      (var ry
            (+ x qx 8.3 (* 0.126 wrp))
            (+ y qy 2.8 (* 0.3 wrp))

      (var amp (monolith/fbm (+ x rx) (+ y ry) noctaves))

      (if (> amp 1) (set amp 1))
      (if (< amp 0) (set amp 0))

      (color xpos ypos (colorlerp black white amp)))))

Color Bar

Creates an off-center bar of color (deep red?). It will take an existing region of the buffer, filter it with atkinson dither, then choose a monochrome color palette.

(defn colorbar []
   32 0 16 64
   # Blood Red
   102 0 0
   # NCS red
   192 2 51))


(defn thumb ()
  (bc/init 1)
  (monolith/gfx-write-png "thumb.png"))


Generated Files

Scheme file

(load "waigel.scm")
(render 80)

Janet File

(import ../bc :as bc)


Wav Rendering

(define (wavrender)
  (wavout (waigel 1) "waigel.wav")
  (out '()))

Offline Render

(define (render-block)
  (monolith:janet-eval "(waigel/render-block)"))
(define fps 60)
(define (render dur)
  (monolith:realloc 8 10 49) ;; vid-friendly blksize of 49
  (monolith:janet-eval "(import waigel)")
  (monolith:janet-eval "(waigel/gfx-init)")
  (monolith:h264-begin "waigel.h264" fps)
  (monolith:repeat render-block (* dur fps))

Scheme Loader

  (sys:getenv "HOME")
(monolith:load "tudes/tudes.scm")
(monolith:load "ugens.scm")
(monolith:load "frags/fmdrone.scm")
(monolith:load "line16.scm")
(monolith:load "trig.scm")


Run Function

(define (run)
  (display "Recompiling")
  (out (waigel 0)))

Compile Function

Used to eval code inside code editing block window.

(define (compile s) (eval s))

Keybinding macros

Place keybindings definitions (mac0, mac1, etc) here.

(define (mac0) (select-curves))

(define (mac1) (select-trigs))


Initialize stuff. Do this before starting.

(define (init) (create-pages) (pgload))


(define pages (list line16-name trig-name))
(define (pgsave)
  (monolith:state-open TUDES-STATE)
  (monolith:save-pages "waigel" pages)
  (monolith:state-open (tudes-mkpath "waigel/waigel.db"))
  (monolith:save-pages "waigel" pages)
(define (pgload)
  ;;(monolith:state-open TUDES-STATE)
  (monolith:state-open (tudes-mkpath "waigel/waigel.db"))
  (monolith:load-pages "waigel" pages)

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