twtxt + sqlite

twtxt + sqlite

The following script is used to generate a sqlite database from a twtxt text file. This assumes there is a file in the current working directory called twtxt.txt.

echo "BEGIN;"
echo "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS twtxt;"
echo "DROP VIEW IF EXISTS timeline;"
echo "CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE IF NOT EXISTS twtxt using fts5("
echo "time,"
echo "message"
echo ");"

while read -r line
TIME=$(echo $line | cut -f 1 -d ' ')
MSG=$(echo $line | sed "s/.*Z //" | sed "s/'/''/g")
echo "INSERT OR REPLACE INTO twtxt(time, message)"
#echo "VALUES(CAST(strftime('%s', '$TIME') as INTEGER),"
echo "VALUES(strftime('%s', '$TIME'),"
echo " '$MSG');"
done < twtxt.txt

echo "CREATE VIEW timeline AS "
echo "SELECT time as id, "
echo "DATETIME(time, 'unixepoch', 'localtime') as date, message "
echo "FROM twtxt ORDER BY time DESC;"
echo "COMMIT;"

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