Plans for Toys

Plans for Toys

toys not tools is a mantra I recently have adapated for myself, and hope to explore in 2021. Here are some tasks I have set for myself, populated in zetdo found in this wiki.

get initial audio + visual test-toy working with RG-350

UUID: #c64b8cce.

set up enough of a cross-compilation environment to get an SDL program working with some form of DSP. Test the waters for what it is capable of.

brainstorm: strategize bringing back voc and speech synthesis as a toy.

UUID: #d2737f81.

2021-07-15 13:02:21: I had this wild idea of creating a babble bot using procedurally generated phrases created with (gest). the idea would be that you would move in a 2d space, and depending on where you are and what direction you're moving, the kinds of phrases that are generated would change.

2021-07-05 12:26:20: From the tool building angle, (gest) is evolving quite nicely and could be used to create some interesting toys. But those toys need a narrative involving singing, speech and the places in between. There's a lot of interesting directions of course, which is part of the problem. For all intents and purposes, the tools have been made, just not yet implemented. Where to go now?

2021-07-05 12:23:43: lots of things have been in motion since I wrote this task. Including (vocshape), and the underlying tract and glottis components in (sndkit). These are good starts, but are currently kind of aimless projects, with not enough toy in them.

2021-02-21 08:24:13: one of the challenges with vocal synthesis in general is articulation. Changing between phoneme states in a meaningful way. sequencing for that is non-trivial. tools will have to be built. My hope is to develop a singing-chatter like sound. something that is part speech, part song. I think it would work really well for an android app.

2021-02-21 08:21:48: in addition to the Voc stuff, I also want to bring GROWL back, as it was one of my favorite vowel filters:

2021-02-21 08:20:51: I got my android operation working again, which opens up some new opportunities for me. this would be a great place to use speech synthesis in the form of anthropomorphic toys.

cute singing cartoon characters

UUID: #32681f7c.

I don't know any other way to describe this. I want to build cute characters that sing and chitter. And I want people to play with them, feed them, and generally take care of them.

2021-07-05 12:41:26: maintence/caring/nurturing as a form of of composition.

2021-03-23 20:06:39: above all, this is still a 'composition'. music should be produced, whatever that is. the experience of it will feel more holistic.

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