Taxonomy of 1-bit 4x4 Tiles

Taxonomy of 1-bit 4x4 Tiles

A taxonomy of 1-bit 4x4 tiles, as decreed by Zens on Merveilles, adapted to WeeWiki format.

A work in progress. It needs pictures.


This taxonomy groups 4x4 1-bit tiles into categories based on symmetries:

Inverse of colors.

Horizontal flip.

Vertical flip.

90 degree rotations.

wrap-around offsets of the pixesl (2 and 1 pixels, up and down making this 4 total mutations)

the above in every possible combintation

sorted by the unique results.

Pure Colors and Checkerboard

There's two patterns that yield only two unique results after undergoing all the permutations described above: checkerboard and pure colors black/white.


The stripes set is the only set that has 4 unique symmetries.

Zens: I like stripes. It's not number one, but he's a little trooper. The rebel. The loner. No one like her. Always changing their mind.

Halfchar and hatch

The halfchar and hatch sets yield 8 patterns.

Zens: these are the workhorses. You could draw whole words with just these.

Big Blocks

The big blocks pattern has 8 variations.

Zens: This one is amazing. It's got 4 identities. It can be a not and a cross. Shift it a bit, and you've got a double-sized check. And third, you've got 4 directions of space ship. What an amazingly versatile pattern. Imagine how much space you could save on your atari cart.

Jaunty Angle

The jaunty angle has a total of 8 combinations.

Zens: as much as I love mx stripey, I love a jaunty angle, and here's two. In some configurations we even get a space alien. Or a chyron? Could be lots of things. IMAGINATION.

Mx. Stripy

16 combinations.

Zens: Mx. Stripy! oh my! looks live you've had a stripe removed, and you're doing a little dance.


16 combos.

Zens: Some strategically placed dots can be very handy for some dither patterns.


Zens: what do I call these? I think crenelations is an appropriate. Two groups of 16. You like zigs? You like zags? We've got both bases covered.

Diagonal Line

Zens: amazing what you can do with just a single diagonal line, drawn from corner to corner. or two. who's counting? oh that's right. I am.

Squarish Zig Zags

Zens: look at these wide bois. they're like delicious candy wrappers. Open up! Just be careful how you arrange those squarish zig zags.

32 groups

zens: there are many many more 32 groups. 34 of them to be exact. It's a little unsatisfying really, that it isn't 32.

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