Monolith TODO

Monolith TODO

A TODO page for monolith.

sqlar:cratewav will crash if it can't find the file associated with the supplied crate ID

UUID: #6ab6d61a.

embed minimp4 into monolith, and create mkmp4 command

UUID: #b5d1258b.

one of the very noteworthy things about minimp4, in addition to being small. is that it solves the sync issue I've been running into (I think this was a timestamp complaint)

add runt + scheme helpers to assist in making scheme/runt node hybrids

UUID: #bb444acb.

as I sit here writing a node wrapped in scheme/runt for vowel (vowelmorph), I realize there's a lot of verbose code that should be abstracted away somehow.

import xmt and create proof-of concept

UUID: #9a431ccf.

xmt is a library I am reviving, which generates XM files. Import XMT into monolith, and create enough tooling to be able to generate instruments and patterns from scheme.

2021-11-23 09:24:51: yeah. I'm not sure I'll be getting to this anytime soon. removing from my agenda.

2021-08-23 20:45:09: the notion of tiny media files is still intriguing to me. but the discrete nature of the XM format is something I am at odds at in this phase of my live. it's hard to be able to live with just the XM file format. hybridization with more continuous things in a modular setting and (gest) using something like phslk absolutely. but by itself, not yet...

2021-05-27 16:30:39: a wrapper function for xmt should be able to copy over the sample data.

2021-05-27 16:30:00: a convenient way to handle buffers is through ftables in soundpipe. make named ftables in monolith, then render to that buffer. have version that supply it in samples, seconds, or all.

2021-05-27 16:29:03: rather than rewrite it to take in blocks, make a new function which renders the remaining block. this will guarantee that the buffer will start with a new patch rather than a few samples of the old one.

2021-05-27 16:27:15: monolith_compute nearly works, except that it operates on samples rather than blocks.

2021-05-27 16:26:52: we will need an ability to render monolith patches to a buffer, and then copy that buffer into XMT.

implement anti-aliased line and thickline

UUID: #6780928c.


add tprint

UUID: #9feecc3b.

add page on using gdb with monolith

UUID: #01c63c58.

2021-03-18 14:08:43: now that the mkimg command works better. will need to double check.

2021-03-18 14:08:29: using gdb might be easier to do now, now that the '

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