TODO items for meta things, usually related to this personal wiki.

halfbaked page should be able to sniff out halfbaked as well as halfbakedideas hashtags in twtxt

UUID: #e4461693.

write donut muffins recipe

UUID: #88029ad9.

found at (donutmuffins).

write tortellini recipe

UUID: #6ed71f2b.

found at (tortellini).

add carnintas recipe

UUID: #9884ca77.

found at (carnitas).

create spaetzle recipe page

UUID: #16bab009.

make subtasks recursively print

UUID: #ea1f48bf.

create click and drag ramble page

UUID: #43aa9a0e.

I really don't like click and drag, and I want to share it with the world.

replace listener script in sitegen with httpserver library

UUID: #33f73999.

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