Gest TODO Page

Gest TODO Page

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A generated TODO page for gest.

make it possible to group and playback a sequence of phrases in a metaphrase

UUID: #dea82cc2.

2021-09-22 09:01:22: rationale for this: looping back on specific metathings causes state to change in a meaningful way

make it possible to have metaphrases repeat using gest_repeat

UUID: #ac7bcab3.

as of writing, using gest_repeat on a metaphrase doesn't seem to work

make it possible to manually AND automatically seed gest RNG using the sndkit RNG, all from LIL

UUID: #c3d98d68.

gestcoreseed in LIL, which can take a constant value, or a value generated with the sk RNG (which isn't possible yet)

can linear monoramps be warped?

UUID: #b1421292.

my thinking here is that if you could apply things like exponentially mapping to monoramps, it could serve as an opportunity to introduce pockets of nonlinear rhythms that would be invisible.

brainstorm: best approachs for generative things in gest

UUID: #a374f64c.

ideally, it would be great for gestures to produce phrases on the fly, or to have some degree of randomness in how phrases are performed. initial thoughts go here.

2021-08-23 20:32:52: with a little bit of modification, this could be a dynamic part of gest. generating phrases on-the-fly is far more complicated, as it would require a memory scheme, and a way to generate the phrases that could be realtime friendly.

2021-08-23 20:31:43: the next thing after this would be somehow sequences of ramptrees contained inside a monoramp. or something. rhythmic phrases within a contained duration.

2021-08-23 20:29:42: a good way to creak open the door here would be to create sequences of targets. that is to say, have a target really be a fixed array of targets, and sequetionally go through them every time the phrase loops.

2021-07-26 20:47:35: the last target in a phrase needs to know about the first target in the next phrase. so, if phrases are being created on-the-fly, it needs to be created with that last target begins.

2021-07-23 20:43:31: setting up the "next value in a phrase to be a callback instead of a value would allow some more dynamic on-the-fly things to happen. meta-phrases, such as the ability to choose between phrases would be good too. maybe something similar for targets? more thinking required.

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