The Arduboy is a arduino-compatible portable game console.


The main arduboy website can be found at

The community forum can be found at


1-Bit OLED Matrix Display, 128x64 Pixels

8-Bit Microcontroller, ATmega 32u4

16Mhz, 32KB Flash, 2.5KB RAM, 1KB EEPROM

6 Hour Battery, 180mAh Lithium Polymer

USB Recharge and Reprogram

6 Soft Click Buttons

RGB LED and Piezo Speaker


Carduboy is a bloat-free de-implementation of the Arduboy2 Library.It is written in C99 C, with extracted bits from the Arduino Library. All that should be needed is Make, avr-gcc, avr-libc, and avrdude. Those who are familiar with Makefiles and C, should feel quite comfortable using carduboy.

In addition to being much simpler to use, the build time should be much faster.

Truth be told, I wrote this to avoid using the Arduino IDE. It feels bloated and sluggish, and does not work well on tiled window managers or Alpine Linux. Also, it's written in Java? Blech. No thanks.

I could have just stopped with making what was essentially just a commandline version of the Arduino IDE, but then I started peeling back some of the Arduboy2 layers and started noticing a bunch of things I didn't need like the boot screen. At that point, I decided to just start removing code. I kept on removing code until all the C++ code turned into C code!

TODO Games

Someday I hope.

TODO Music + Arduboy

A pipe dream of mine is to build an Arduboy and use it to control a synthesizer (perhaps via interfacing with another chip with a DAC?). It would be like !@(ref "norns")