P Registers

P-registers were an early way to shared information without using the stack. It is simply an array accessible to Sporth where values can be easily read/written to. At the moment, there are 16 p-registers.

Here is a simple patch demonstrating this:

 440 0 pset
 0 p 0.3 sine

In the example above, the value of p-register 0 is being set to 440 via pset. In the line below, the value of p-register 0 is being read with p.

The very nifty thing about p-registers is that they are trivial to read/write from when using the API. P-registers are a fast solution for people who want to quickly bind values into Sporth (or alternatively, send audio-signals out of sporth).

A little silly side note on P-registers: the "P" stands for parameter. The term itself is borrowed from Csound, where p-fields, or parameter fields, are optional values read from a Csound score.