Polysporth is an engine for polyphony in Sporth. Bindings for polysporth are written in the scheme dialect tinyscheme, included inside of Sporth.

Why Polysporth?

Sporth does a few things really well: it's simple, it's fast to write, and it's capable of building very complex signal chains. Sporth also does a few things quite poorly: concepts like events and notes are non-existent in Sporth, and polyphony is quite limited. Thus, an engine was built to enable these concepts. Polyphonic + Sporth = Polysporth!

Some of the features include:

How it works

Polysporth is called inside of Sporth, where a scheme file is loaded. Inside the scheme file, different chunks of sporth code are defined called sporthlets. Sporthlets can be individually scheduled to be be turned on and off.

More information

This chapter is really a gist of Polysporth. It's still in a very early phase. To learn more, be sure to check out the dedicated Polysporth project page.