Soundpipe Modules

adsr ADSR generator
allpass Allpass filter
atone First-order recursive highpass filter
autowah Automatic wah pedal
bal Balance the gain of one signal based on another signal
bar Physical model approximating the sound of a struck metal bar
biquad A sweepable biquadratic general purpose filter
biscale Bipolar Scale
bitcrush Digital signal degradation
blsaw Bandlimited sawtooth oscillator
blsquare Bandlimited square oscillator
bltriangle Bandlimited triangle oscillator
butbp Bandpass Butterworth filter
butbr Band-reject Butterworth filter
buthp Highpass Butterworth filter
butlp Lowpass Butterworth filter
clip Applies clip-limiting to a signal
clock Resettable clock with subdivisions
comb Comb filter
compressor Compressor
conv Partioned convolution.
count Trigger-based fixed counter
crossfade Crossfade two signals.
dcblock A simple DC block filter
delay Adds a delay to an incoming signal with optional feedback.
diode Diode-ladder virtual analogue low-pass filter
diskin Read from an audio file
dist Distortion using a modified hyperbolic tangent function
dmetro Delta Metro
drip Water drop physical model
dtrig Delta trigger
dust A series of random impulses
eqfil 2nd order tunable equalization filter
expon Produce a line segment with exponential slope
fof Produces sinusoid bursts for granular and formant synthesis
fofilt Formant filter
fog Sucession of grains from data in a stored function table
fold Adds artificial foldover to an audio signal
foo A short title describing the module
fosc FM oscilator pair with linear interpolation
gbuzz Series of partials from the harmonic series
gen_composite Generate a composite waveform of sinusoids
gen_file Reads from a wav file
gen_gauss Gaussian distribution
gen_line A series of line segments
gen_padsynth An implementation of the Padsynth Algorithm by Paul Nasca.
gen_rand Generates a user defined random number distribution.
gen_scrambler Scrambles phase of ftable.
gen_sinesum Waveform as a sum of harmonically related sine waves
gen_xline A series of exponential segments
hilbert Hilbert transform
in Reads from standard input.
incr Trigger-based Incrementor
jcrev John Chowning reverberator
jitter A signal with random fluctuations
line Produce a line segment with linear slope
lpf18 3-pole (18 db/oct slope) Low-Pass filter with resonance and tanh distortion
maygate A randomly open or closed "maybe gate"
metro Metronome
mincer Phase-locked vocoder.
mode Resonance filter used for modal synthesis
moogladder Low pass resonant filter based on the Moogladder filter
noise White noise generator
nsmp Nanosamp: a tiny sampler built for Soundpipe
osc Table-lookup oscilator with linear interpolation
oscmorph Wavetable morphing oscillator
pan2 Panner
panst Stereo Panner
pareq Parametric Equalizer
paulstretch An extreme time-stretching algorithm by Paul Nasca Octavian
pdhalf Casio-style phase distortion with "pivot point" on the X axis
peaklim Peak limiter
phaser A stereo phaser
phasor Normalized sawtooth wave from 0 to 1
pinknoise Pink pinknoise generator
pitchamdf Pitch detection using AMDF method.
pluck Karplus-Strong plucked string instrument.
port Portamento-style control signal smoothing
posc3 High-precision table-lookup posc3ilator with cubic interpolation
progress A simple progress bar for the commandline
prop Simple rhythmic notation gate generator
pshift Time-domain pitch shifter.
ptrack Track pitch of a signal.
randh Random number generator with hold time.
randi Line segments between random values within a range
random Random values within a range
reson A second-order resonant filter. NOTE: The output for reson appears to be very ho ...
reverse Signal reverser
revsc 8 FDN stereo reverb
rms RMS-averaged signal amplitude
rpt Trigger based beat-repeat stuttering effect
samphold Classic sample and hold
saturator Soft clip saturating distortion, based on examples from Abel/Berners' Music 424 ...
scale Bipolar Scale
sdelay Delays a signal by a number of samples.
slice Yet another slice-based sample player.
smoothdelay Smooth variable delay line without varispeed pitch.
streson String resonator filter
switch Switch between two signals
tabread Table
tadsr Triggerable classic ADSR envelope
tblrec Record a signal to an ftable.
tbvcf Emulation of the Roland TB-303 filter
tdiv Trigger divider.
tenv Trigger based linear AHD envelope generator
tenv2 Linear 2-stage Attack/Release envelope generator
tenvx Trigger based exponential AHD envelope generator.
tgate A triggerable gate.
thresh Trigger generator for signals that cross a given threshold.
timer Tap-tempo like timer
tin Similar to in, tin reads SPFLOATs (by default, this is a 4 byte binary float) fr ...
tone First-order recursive lowpass filter
trand Triggered random number generator.
tseg This module creates a series of line segments.
tseq Function table looper
vdelay Delay line with cubic interpolation
vocoder 16-band channel vocoder
waveset Simple Time-stretching from repeating wavecyles
wpkorg35 Analogue model of the Korg 35 Lowpass Filter
zitarev 8 FDN stereo zitareverb algorithm, imported from Faust.