Args: feedback (range 0-1), delay time (in seconds)

Static feedback delay line. This unit generator creates a delay line with a fixed delay time, and modulatable feedback amount in the range 0-1.

The following patch produces an enveloped sine wave which is fed into a delay line.

 # create two identical trigger signals
 1 metro dup
 # feed one trigger into tenvx
 0.001 0.001 0.01 tenvx 
 # get the other trigger, and feed into triggerable random number generator
 swap 300 1000 trand 
 # the RNG feeds into the freq parameter of sine
 0.5 sine 
 # multiply sine with envelope
 # split sine wave signal
 # feed one of the signals into delay line with 375ms delay and 80% feedback
 0.8 0.375 delay 
 # mix dry and wet signals back together